Helbak at Story North!

I have wanted these products at Story North ever since I was given a Helbak jug 
by a Danish friend a couple of years ago - which I love (it is the dots jug, pink/
red/cherry).  So we are very happy to announce that the collection is very 
shortly going to be in stock! 

Danish Artsist Malene Helbak is well known in Denmark for her hand decorated, 
colourful earthenware.  Her collection consists of "Stripes", "Dots", "Megadots" 
and "Flowers" and it is her intention that the collection be mixed up as you wish.
I tell you these products are simply beautiful!

To celebrate our new additions at Story North, we are going to be hosting 
a Helbak giveaway on my other blog Lovenordic, so hop over there to enter!

Available now at the shop

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  1. These are really beautiful! Love the colors and the dots!