Winter Scene

I love this picture....
The perfect illustration of a lonely winter scene

Happy New Year!!


Aurora Islandica

I found this over on Kool and Kreativ, one of the nicest Icelandic blogs 
out there.  If you have never experienced the nothern lights, let me tell 
you, there is nothing else like the amazing vision of having the lights 
dance in front of you in the dark sky.  Iv've heard that the lights in 
Iceland this year are going to be the best for 50 years.

Im there. 


Fairy Light Season....



New stock from Pia Wallen due in any day!

If you, like me, have been hankering after the excruitiatingly expensive Crux blanket by
Pia Wallen, then like me, you will be happy to see a very nice alternative which is the Cross blanket at a much more gentle price :)
We are waiting for a new delivery from Pia Wallen any time now, which includes the beautiful Cross blanket (full size and baby version) so if you would like to treat yourself (or someone else) with a 10% discount, please quote the Lovenordic (my other blog) discount at the checkout, which is LN10.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

One of the most healing places on the planet and one of my favourite places ever.
The Blue Lagoon is made up of seawater over 2000 meters underground 
the water is heated up by the earths natural forces.  
If you ever visit Iceland, this surreal experience is a must!