Pia Wallen blankets back in stock this week!

We knew that the Pia Wallen 'Cross' blanket would be a great seller, 
but we did not anticipate the huge demand for this blanket.  Its 
understandable however because it is truly stunning at just a 
fraction of the cost of the famous 'Crux' blanket.  After a world-
wide Cross blanket drought, we have been told that are due 
back in tomorrow, so if you have been hankering after one, 
you'd better be quick!!!

Congratulations to Elle Decoration UK!

Elle Decoration UK have achieved something amazing!  
Our government has finally changed the law concerning 
copyright.  These measures are a huge step towards 
innovation and fresh creativity in the design industry 
whilst discouraging unauthorised copies of beautiful
classics who's designers don't deserve to be stolen from.

Image: Vitra