The perfect summer table setting...

The sun is shining here and people are happy and bouncing with life.
I hope you are enjoying summer wherever you are (that's if it is summer where you are!)
There is nothing quite like creating a beautiful summer table...
Here are a few yummy ingredients from Story North :)

ByNord pine forest tea-towel

Helbak "Dots" bowl

Summer ices...


Children's classics by Kay Bojesen...

The wooden toy family were designed from 1934 onwards, 
with most of them being designed in the 50's.......

These are a very special present for a child or adult... 
I have a monkey and I just love him :)


A real life shop? Yes please.......

To have a real shop is a something that would be a dream come true for us.   
We are also passionate about good food and coffee, so would love to combine
 the two :)  Kind of like a mini "concept" store.   I am always being inspired 
by beautiful stores, coffee shops and galleries, so I thought, why not show 
you some of my favourites....

Kiki Japanese Design, Stockholm

Lotta Agaton, Stockholm

Kaffiene, London

Mociun, Brooklyn

Merci Merci, Paris

Formverk, Copenhagen

One day.....


Summer clearance reminder!!!

Remember lovely people that our summer clearance is only on for a couple more weeks....we need to make some room for exciting new products!
There is a 30% discount code that you can use on selected items 

Seriously one of my favourite products...
From £89.17 down to £62.42 (ex vat)

Beautiful storage, to keep on display...
From £57.50 down to £40.25 (ex vat)

This very yummy heavy knit cushion cover...
From £74.58 down to £52.21 (ex vat)


We    nature

Nature @ story north 


I've been busy :)

Taking some pictures of our beautiful Helbak products, 
as we needed some more lifestyle shots....
I'm no photographer, but not bad hey?


More photos from our lovely customers!

We had these very lovely photos land in our mailbox this week....
Great shots of the Pia Wallen Cross blanket and a very cute dog called Sadie!
It makes me so happy to know that our customers are loving our products.
This is the reason for Story North, to sell beautiful things to people who 
love these pieces as much as us. Thanks SSM and Sadie ;)