A real life shop? Yes please.......

To have a real shop is a something that would be a dream come true for us.   
We are also passionate about good food and coffee, so would love to combine
 the two :)  Kind of like a mini "concept" store.   I am always being inspired 
by beautiful stores, coffee shops and galleries, so I thought, why not show 
you some of my favourites....

Kiki Japanese Design, Stockholm

Lotta Agaton, Stockholm

Kaffiene, London

Mociun, Brooklyn

Merci Merci, Paris

Formverk, Copenhagen

One day.....

1 comment:

  1. These are really great photos. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you’ll be able to establish your own store someday. When you continue to dream and persevere, your aspirations will surely become a reality. Good luck!