Icelandic Home

I posted about this space over on my design blog, love nordic,
 but I wanted to share it here - just in case you missed it :)


A very lovely family home in Reykjavik.


Top 10 in my eyes.....

I'm frequently asked what my favourite products are at Story North
and I must say that I love every single piece that I sell in the shop
 - otherwise I simply wouldn't sell it.  I guess I could say that there
 are a few items that I think are extra special in my eyes, yes lets
 leave it like that.  Extra special in my eyes.

Here are my top 10 accessories....











Do I have these pieces in my home? Yes most of them! 
.....and it will be all of them when I can afford it!
It takes time to build up the pieces in your home...

What are your favourite pieces at Story North? 
I'd love to hear what you think....


Kahler at Story North

I have been wanting to add Kahler 's amazing products to our 
product portfolio for some time now, so I am very happy to say
 that it has happened.  Kahler is a Danish Cermaics company
 that have working with amazing artists and making beautiful 
pieces since 1839.
I just absolutely love their things...


Pia Wallen Cross blankets back in stock!

I would like to thank every one of our many customers who have been 
waiting patiently for these to arrive.  We have a mountain of these to 
pack up and ship, but they are on their way lovely people!

For those who are thinking about ordering one of these - be quick! 
We can't order enough - so they don't stay in stock for long!


Christmas buying for Story North.....

I'm going to give you a little, sneak preview 
every now and then over the next few weeks
about our new arrivals for the Christmas season.
Oh my goodness there are some very yummy things!

These very cute little fellows are so Story North!
I fell in love with them when I saw them
and knew that we had to stock them this winter.
They come in nature (£27.50) and also nature and neon pink (£31.50).
We have already had reservations for them,
so I know they are going to be super-popular.

Christmas Elves by Danish company Oyoy.
Available at Story North from October.


So adorable....

We now offer Bynords beautiful photoprint bed linen in a baby size
.....and the photoprints are of baby animals :)  So very cute.


Ferm Living at Story North!

We are so happy to have Ferm Living as the 
latest addition to our product collection.
Their products are so very beautiful and this season have
 a fantastic geometric vibe going on that I just love!
The triangle laundry basket is definitely on my list ;)


Last day of summer clearance!

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day of our sale.
we are adding lots of new exciting stock from tomorrow.
so watch this space :)

Happy shopping!


New season....

So here we are the 3rd September..this year is flying past! It will soon 
be a year that Story North has been going and I must say we are ecstatic
 with its success.  Never before have I truly experienced such pleasure 
in my work.  Our customers are the most amazing people, we get 
photographs from them, showcasing our products in their home.  
I cannot mean it enough, when I say that I love sending our customers
 such beautiful pieces, it really does mean so much.  

So now we have a new season, with some yummy new products to add 
to our collection.  This does take a while, so firstly I'd like to show you 
a beautiful print that is due very soon.  It is the work of photographer 
and designer Peter Bagi and I just absolutely love it!  These are going to
 sell fast, so if you would like to reserve one, please email me and I will
 put you on the list and get back to you as soon as they are in :)

"Adventure awaits you" print £25.00