The beginning of our adventure...

So this is the beginning of our adventure - Story North.  We wanted to share the experience of launching our new web-shop (and hopefully soon our high street shop) to the world. We have worked hard to hand pick beautiful products from amazingly talented designers and makers. Our products come mostly from the nordic countries, but also other parts of Europe and Japan. The work that we have selected is varied, offering both classic and established designs that have been around since the 30's or new designs that have been produced perhaps as a limited edition…. Irrelevant of the people behind the work, all are made with love, thought and intregity.  This is very important to us.  Many of the products are all time favourite pieces of ours, we offer them to you as we have bought them, use them and love them. There are less  expensive alternatives that can offer the same function, however they will not last the test of time in terms of design or durability.  Thowaway-ism is so prevalent in UK culture - we are advocates of saving up for the piece that you love - these pieces will last a life-time and will be passed down to younger generations.  This is a truly Scandinavian concept and is one that is instilled in every day life from a young age, the result is that they surround themselves with pieces that are well-made,  functional and beautiful - usually with an interesting story to tell!

Some of the partners that we will be working with are: Muuto, By Nord Copenhagen, Caroline Swift, Iittala, Pia Wallen, Vipp, Marie Laanga, Ingibjörg Hanna, but to name a few...we will be posting about our products, regularly and will also be sure to share our everyday inspirations with you too :)

...Some inspirational images from By Nord Copenhagen
available at Story North

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