Nordic Bakery

I've been on a mission to find the best cinnamon buns in London.  
Each Scandi country has their own version and I can't imagine 
anything being as good as the Icelandic "Snúðar" which is just 
yummy along side a glass of milk or "Kókómjólk" (Icelandic
 chocolate milk that is basically part of an Icelandic childhood - 
ah the childhood memories).  But now that I'm not 6 years old, 
I would probably have along side a steaming hot Mocha :)

So we went to the Nordic Bakery and enjoyed a very nice 
cinnamon bun and coffee.  These buns are very sticky and
 quite crispy on the outside but the middle was beautifully 
soft and light (as cinnamon buns should be).  Very nice, 
although not quite as nice as Icelandic Snúðar - but I am 
definitely biased!

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